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From Beater to Bearable

These types of builds really are the best. Perhaps not in the best of care in the previous hands of ownership, it's the perfect enthusiast story that brings enthusiasts together as tender, loving care brings a car back to life even just from the wears and tears of 'average ownership'.

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'94 LS DB7 Gets Built

Here's a classic fixer-upper project in the form of a '94 DB7 Sedan. Clean of major rust and running decently, it's a great foundation.

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The Superhead Wago-Van Comes to Life

The soft spot for the wagon/hatch continues with Superhead91's Civic, complete with the custom plate.

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An ITR Doing the Crown Proud

From across the Atlantic pond, Tom B. is cleaning up his '96 Spec JDM Import with style and detail.

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ITR Happiness and You

It's the season for thanks, and what are you thankful for as a dedicated Honda owner and driver this year?

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This Fine Tahitian Green CRX Si

Feeling generous this holiday season? Have you been looking for a clean CRX? Why not treat yourself?

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