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Lexus LC F Would Pack Quite a Punch

Make no mistakes about it, the upcoming 2018 LC 500 will be every bit of a performance car. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from the F treatment.

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Garage Talk App

The new Garage Talk application is now available to let you browse Club Lexus on the go! Download now for Android and iOS.

Watch Permagloss Kick Mother Nature’s Ass

Rain Proof? How about Hydrochloric Acid, Chlorine, Ammonia and Pressure Washer Proof Tire Shine?

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Could This Design Follow the LFA?

What do you think of this design? Does it look the part of Lexus’ next legendary supercar?

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Watch This Killer RC-F Build Thread

Lexus is beating Mercedes-Benz in sales, and the new LC 500 is why. After a test drive, Demik needed this RC F.

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Lexus Driver Ends Up on Someone’s Roof

The driver of this Lexus sedan had a medical emergency and ended up on the roof of a home. Yikes.

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The Novel IS F Readying for the Ring

If you’ve got an IS F that you want to prep for the Nürburgring, here’s a novel idea: call Novel.

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Lexus LFA Turns Revving Up to 11

LFA production stopped in 2012. But the supercar remains Lexus' masterpiece. Turn up your speakers.

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