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Behold the Glory of the Lexus LC 500: Video

With the world watching, Lexus just unveiled a brand-new flagship luxury 2 + 2 coupe at NAIAS.

Watch Now

Top Five Lexus LC 500 Renderings

The debut of the 2018 Lexus LC 500 at the Detroit Auto Show has led to plenty of digital daydreaming.

Make Your Lexus Ride More Entertaining

Add Satellite Radio, iPod/iPhone/Android Audio Streaming, or Unlock your Navigation with plug-n-play kits..

Why Lexus is Crushing Mercedes-Benz

Lexus is beating Mercedes-Benz in sales, and cars like the new LC 500 are exactly the reason why.

Watch Permagloss Kick Mother Nature’s Ass!

Rain Proof? How about Hydrochloric Acid, Chlorine, Ammonia and Pressure Washer Proof Tire Shine?

Hot or Not? The LC 500 in Black and Bronze

Is this rendering your dream LC 500? Or does it show what not to do to Lexus’ new flagship two-door?

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