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First Drive of the 2016 Lexus GS F

So if you’re honestly wondering whether adding a Miata’s worth of power to an already sweet package makes for a better, more fun to drive car? You should probably check your pulse. Come on—of course it does! Haven’t you ever watched Top Gear?

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Get Down With This Killer Bagged LS 460L

A Hawaiian man has gone to some serious effort to get his LS 460L to ride high for legal driving and low for parking and balling.

The Ultimate DIY Project

Lexus IS Bass Package Upgrade.

InCARnate: 2JZ-Powered Corvette Runs 8s

This C3 Corvette packs a turbocharged 2JZ GTE engine from a Lexus SC300. How's that for an engine swap?


Permagloss's NEW Permanent Tire Protectant provides a rich, glossy shine that can last the life of your tires.

This IS FF Has More Flyer Miles Than You

It's one thing to order parts online. But it's another thing to have friends "mule" them to you via passenger aircraft.

Lexus and Mazda Teams Up for Supercar?

Imagine getting the power and noise from the Lexus LFA’s V-10, combined with Mazda’s handling and tuning?

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