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Coolest Wife in the World Buys Husband a Harley-Davidson

What’s the last gift your wife gave you? A button-up shirt, a golf ball set, or the, get-whatever-you-want Amazon gift card? How about a new hog?

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Garage Talk App

The new Garage Talk application is now available to let you browse HDForums on the go! Download now for Android and iOS.

Everyone is Talking About Us!

Go to www.Love-Jugs.com and see what magazines and independent testers are saying about Love-Jugs!

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Upcoming Event: 75th Daytona Bike Week

Harley-Davidson is set to dominate the 75th Daytona Bike Week - here’s our complete guide.

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Celebrity H-D Owners Through the Years

Some celebs get a Harley because they want to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.

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What If Brad Pitt Played John Teller?

Who’s your daddy, Charlie Hunnam? Is it Brad Pitt? Hunnam mentioned the possibility recently.

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American Pickers TV Hosts Hit the Jackpot!

The cast were recently in Monroeville, Ohio visiting Roeder Racing & Service, an Ohio Harley institution.

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BMX Champion Rides a Harley-Davidson

Caroline Buchanon is a three-time Mountain Bike World champion and a Harley owner.

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